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For example: Splash

you mean stuff like harden?
Basically anything that is not used, like String Shot! And yes, Harden, maybe.
Can I ask why?...

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To add on to Pwnyta:
Growl, Thundershock, Scratch, Pound, Wring Out, Cut, Glare, Present, 1-Hit OHKO moves, Lick, Water Gun, Ember, Leer, Gust, Wing Attack, Absorb, Charge, Flash, Foresight, Kinesis, Mud Sport, Water Sport, Poison Gas, SPLASH!
Also what Pwnyta said: Metrenome, Harden, String Shot, Powder moves, Recharge moves

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I use Tackle on my Garchomp; take it out NOW!
Are you joking or not...
No, I'm dead serious. It makes a good joke when you finish off your opponent with TACKLE, the worst move in the game. This is actually how I became friends with Mew. So in short, it can be a good move in the right situation.
rock smash; 40 power with a chance to lower defense by one stage !!!!!
Yeah, but I think Drain Punch or Brick Break are way better.
In all honesty, just because a move is way better than another, doesn't mean that it is always better. Sure, Outrage kills people on a Moxie Salamence, but Dragon Claw doesn't confuse you. Drain Punch and Brick Break may have higher power than Rock Smash, but they don't have the power over lowering Defenses. It can even force switches sometimes, giving you a vital chance to set up with something awesome like Swords Dance.
Howl and Meditate are both used competitively.
So is Defense Curl actually, it's pretty common being the Defense Curl + Rollout or Ice Ball strategy, Detect is used on pokemon that can't learn protect ( Yanmega ) Magnitude is used by those who have large balls. Self-Destruct is the same as Explosion, they're both used.
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String Shot
Any powder(poison,sleep, etc.)
Recharge moves(Hyper beam, Frenzy plant, etc.)

That's all i can think of..

Venusaur nowadays use sleep powered+swords dance alot lateley
That's one of the best strategies, although the Sleep Clause stops it dead.
specs porygon-z....