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I have heard that you can get a Celebi egg if you breed an Alakazam and a Meganium in Soul Silver or Heart Gold. Does anyone know if this is true?

In Gold, Silver, and Crystal, you can get a Celebi egg via the Celebi Egg Glitch.

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  • Celebi can't evolve into either of those two.
  • There is no legit legendary eggs, excluding Phione and The Creation Trio.
  • Celebi can only be obtained from events, unless the event makes it wild.

3 facts that prove you heard someone on drugs or they were lying.

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Thanks for the help, I didn't think it sounded very legit when I read it, because I knew that neither of the pokemon had anything to do with Celebi.
No problem.
who were the creation trio?
Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.
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Breeding an Alakazam with a Meganium will not get u a celebi egg.

Damn, I really wanted a Celebi.
Celebis are only available through events,making them very rare and hard to obtain.
There was a celebi event prior to the release of B/W.