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i dont know how to word this but how many legenderys are there more than one of like there have been apperances from entei in the past and then shiny entei in the zoroak movie how many more are there
how many legenderys are there that have more than one of them
i think celibi is one as well makeing about 3 apperances with ash i can remember but never reconising him suggesting there is more than one
whereas there is only one arceus
comment if it doesnt make sense before you flag or downvote so i can change it

doesnt make sense. are you saying how many legendarys have made an appearence or are you asking how many legendarys are there that have appeared in a anime movie or episode?
Sorry it's hard to word but I meen how many legends are there more than one of like I mentioned before in the Zoroak movie there are the 3 shiny dogs but the dogs have appeared in earlier episodes not shiny suggesting there are at least two of each dog
Hope that help if anyone's confused

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There appears to be 2 legendaries on each species in the anime: a shiny and a non shiny. This is implied by the dogs appearing non shiny in some movies/episode and shiny in the Zoroark movie.
The only exception to this theory would be Lugia, if you count the baby Lugia.
The Celebi is probably the same Celebi, however, there is no evidence.

Like the Mewtwo in the first movie is the same Mewtwo that Ash encounters later on.

Thanks so there's two each good answer wait I just remembered there's loads of shaymin