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Example: Oren-berry, Reviser-seed, Wonder-gummy

It's wAnder gummy.

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I got my info from http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lookalike_item

Oren Berry
Based on: Oran Berry
Effect: Damages the eater by 10 HP.
Description: Restores HP...?

Reviser Seed
Based on: Reviver Seed
Effect: Revives the user like the Reviver Seed; however, the user faints again right away from spontaneous laughter. Only activates if there are no Reviver Seeds in the bag.
Description: Revives fainted Pokémon...?

Via Seed
Based on: Vile Seed
Effect: Warps user to another area on the same floor after saying "See ya!".
Description: Minimizes Def. and Sp. Def.?

Slip Seed
Based on: Sleep Seed
Effect: Allows user to walk on water.
Description: Induces sleep...?

Dough Seed
Based on: Doom Seed
Effect: Makes more Poké appear on the next floor of the Dungeon. Does not work in Aegis Cave.
Description: Lowers level by 1...?

Dropeye Seed
Based on: Eyedrop Seed
Effect: Darkens the dungeon, significantly reducing the line of vision for the user.
Description: Enhances vision...?

Mix Elixir
Based on: Max Elixir
Effect: Restores PP, but only if used on a Linoone.
Description: Restores PP...?

Gone Pebble
Based on: Geo Pebble
Effect: Gives the user an Endure status after a quick scene.

Based on: Gravelerock
Effect: Can be eaten to slightly fill the belly. Also increases IQ, but only for Bonsly and Sudowoodo.

Wander Gummi
Based on: Wonder Gummi
Effect: Gives user Blinker status. Although it can be eaten, it does not fill the Belly at all.
Description Raises IQ...?

No-Slip Cap
Based on: No-Stick Cap
Effect: When held, items in the Treasure Bag will start to turn sticky.
Gaggle Specs
Based on: Goggle Specs
Effect: Makes it more likely for a wild Pokémon to find the player.

Y-Ray Specs
Based on: X-Ray Specs
Effect: Disables the ability to see items and enemies. If held by an enemy or an ally, they will receive the Blink status which causes them to walk forward in a straight line and attack if it cannot move any further