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I need it for my pokemon mystery dungeons game as i am trapped at the 9th rest stop on sky peak and cannot defeat the boss!

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Explorers of Sky?
will be mew can you edit in tags
could you specify the moves

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there is 3 muk and 5 grimers
a great move for when being in monster houses or bossess where there are more than one is agility it is a great move and would help you alot.
i dont think that piplup or treeko learn agility but other pokemon can
-it raises the speed of every pokemon on your team meening your team will be able to attack more than once in a turn
so if you get a pokemon with agility make it use it twice get loads of reviver seeds and violent seeds this will help alot
im afraid there isnt many moves if any you can use to your advantage but you can use water pulse moves that that that can hit from a distance
i also suggest getting a pokemon that knows a move like discharge that would gradualy take them out a good one that i use occasionaly is vacume cut it does 18 damage to every pokemon in the room appart from your team its good because its a tm and works well with speed boost
you can always keep some pure seeds in your bag to get away easly when on low health

just remember to keep many seeds like violent and revivers seen as your pokemons moves arnt the best
remember agility
hope this helps

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bubble beam


water pulse



absorb or giga drain


quick attack

any variation of razor leaf=magical leaf ect.

sources: multiple sites including this site and personal experince and yahoo answers as well as google

cannot cite these sites right this secong gotta go

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Why so many water moves only have two at most and don't use pound low power and you have quil attack
did you read my sources especially the second one wich says PERSONAL EXPERIENCE
Pound Sucks. Peck sucks.
i use tackle on my skitty.  100+damage every time.
you looked it up on google why ? and as others have noted they are low powered moves that get no stab
and i have had a lot of personal experience with the game its my all time fav i have compleeted it fully on sky with highest rank with lucario and donphan and i have used moves with my skitty on mystery dungeon such as tackle and all that you shouldnt be using them at the level hes at i wouldnt even use it past groudon
those are good moves for early stages of the game but not when your facing bosses you have no adavantage