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I am asking this at the risk of making myself sound like a complete stranger to pokémon, but even with that being said I am curious. I've been in the chat room a couple times, and sometimes people say "Hey __, want to PO," or stuff like that. I know that this is probably something I should already know, but please, could someone help me out?


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Pokemon online, a battle simulator where people an test teams and battle against other people( often other members of this site)
Download link: http://pokemon-online.eu/

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PO is Pokemon Online
It is an battle stimulator that allows you to create teams on your own.

Using the teams, you can battle other people on different servers.

Download is at: http://pokemon-online.eu/

I know this is ridiculous and I am making it harder on myself somehow, but I completed the download (thanks, by the way!) for a Mac, on a Mac, and tried to open the download.  However, this message confronted me; Warning, the following disk images couldn't be opened -- Image: Pokemon-Outline-1.0.5 -- Reason: not recognized..........  I am very aware that I am technologically impaired, so help is widely appreciated.  Sorry for my inconvenience, and if you don't want to answer, you don't have to.