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So is the damage dealt going to be 50% of what the user of the move that Me First is targetting was going to do, or is it 50% of the base power of the move? For example, would the damage change with Me First if a 200 (random numbers) Attack Alakazam used Psychic and a 100 Attack Alakazam used Psychic?


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User goes first with the opponent's attack at 1.5x power.


The user copies the move that the target has selected in that turn and uses that move itself, with the power boosted by 50%. Me First will fail if the target moves before the user, or if the target uses a non-damaging attack. If Me First is used on the recharge turn of a move that requires the user to forfeit a turn after its use, then Me First will copy said attack regardless. This move cannot be blocked by Substitute.


So, it is 50% of the Base Power of the move.