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I don't feel like running calcs and crap, I just want to boost my Drilbur's speed stat over his.

To be honest, Leavanny is going to be faster than Drilbur because Leavanny is in it's final evolution form. Try evolving your Drilbur to Excadrill,it evolves at level 31.Excadrill is way more faster than Leavanny.  (HOPE THIS HELPS!!!)   :)

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The lowest with no IVs, EVs, and hindering nature is:

The highest with 31 IVs, 252 EVs, and beneficial nature is:

So, 42-74.

BEWARE. Even though you get the Speed over 74, Leavanny has String Shot, which lowers Speed.

Gym leaders have no EVs, so:
The highest with 31 IVs, and beneficial nature is:

So, 42-59

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Not worried about String Shot, I get my attack to +6 using Hone Claws on his first pokemon.
LOL J98.
Outsped with 48.
No EVs, no natures...most likely no IVs, either
No EVs or IVs are apparent. Neutral nature.

That's what I'm predicting. I figured the number would be 47.