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i need a green grassy grass type on my team but many grass type can only learn grass poison and normal type moves and i guess psychic because of rest

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Celebi has a colorful movepool, offensively, defensively, and support. You can have strong sweeper, a tough tank, wonderful wall, or a supporting fairy of annoyingness.

Sceptile has a great offensive movepool, on the special side he has Leaf-storm, Energy-ball, Giga-drain, Hidden-power, Focus-blast, and Dragon-pulse, and on the Physical side he has Swords-dance(for boosting), Earthquake, Rock-slide, Leaf-blade, Acrobatics, X-scissor, Crunch, Hone-claws(boosting), Pursuit, and Thunder-punch.

Torterra has a great movepool, he can be used as a wall, a tank, or even a Rock-polish sweeper! Tons of support options and stall moves he is a great Pokemon with tons of uses.

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Well Lucicolo is unique in his typing of water/grass. He can use powerful water AND grass moves, he can also use ice moves since he is part water type and most waters can use ice attacks. He can use moves like hydro pump, surf, ice beam, blizzard, grass knot, solarbeam, energy ball, focus blast all which most grass types cant learn. The water moves are especially unique. His attack stat is significantly lower than his slightly above average sp attack stat but it can also use fire punch, ice punch, and thunderpunch, zen headbutt. IMO I think he has the best movepool out of all grass types.

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