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I've heard it around. What is it?

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The Haymaker TCG deck is a deck that uses fast, bulky, hard-hitting basics. Usually, it will be basics with HP of 70 or higher with a powerful one energy attack. The classic Haymaker trio is Hitmonchan and Electabuzz from the base set, then Scyther from Jungle. Sometimes Fossil Magmar, base Dragonair, and Fossil Hitmonlee have been known to make their way onto a Haymaker deck. It has plenty of Trainer cards seeing as the number of Pokemon and Energy is low. Pluspower is a classic Haymaker card, as it allows for greater power from your team. Scoop Up and Pokemon Center are other popular Haymaker Trainers. A sample Haymaker is:

Pokemon: 12

x4 Hitmonchan
x4 Electabuzz
x4 Scyther

Trainers: 25

x4 Pluspower
x4 Energy Removal
x4 Super Energy Removal
x3 Gust of Wind
x3 Professor Oak
x3 Bill
x2 Item Finder
x2 Scoop Up

Energy: 23

x10 Fighting
x9 Electric
x4 Double Colorless

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