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I bred myself a Skitty to practice EV training, and I recently got a moon stone for her to evolve with. I want to evolve her soon, but I know Delcatty becomes unable to learn a lot of moves.

I want her to know Zen Headbut and Faint Attack, but I can't decide between Heal Bell, Sing, Wake-Up Slap or some other move. Right now I'm leaning towards a Wake-Up Slap/Sing combination. Does anybody have any suggestions of what to use for the final two slots? I'd consider other moves such as TMs, but I don't have a lot of them, and I'm trying to keep her moves all natural.

Her top stats are speed and attack and her ability is cute charm.

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Try Sucker Punch for nice powerful priority and maybe Giga Impact. She won't last long, that's for sure. Oh, and if you run Sucker Punch, try replacing Faint Attack for Retaliate.

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sence sing isnt really reliable, and only works well with a few moves(wake up slap dosnt have very much effect with sing or without, unless its critical), you should get hp-replenishing moves.Its totaly worth teaching pokemon tm moves, as long as your careful about it.try saving the game before you teach her the moves so you can change your mind if you want to.

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