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as i am almost finished getting all the tm's in white.i just thought of changing my team for more fun and found out this ability doubles stab instead of the actual 1.5 power,so i decided to add one with this ability to my team,
so which one is the better


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One is a sub-par sweeper, and the other is a D-Dancer. There both not going to last long in battle, but it's your call.



Personally, I would go with Crawdaunt because he gets the Adaptability boost on Water and Dark moves.

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Stat Wise I would say Crawdaunt because he has a pretty good Attack but bad Def and Sp.Def which is the same for Basculin except that Basculin has bad Attack.
Here is a moveset:

Crawdaunt @ Life Orb
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 252 Defense 252 Special Defense and 6 Attack
Crunch: STAB + Good power and may lower foe's defense
CrabHammer: STAB + Good power + why have a crab without using its claws as hammers?!
Waterfall: if ingame i would suggest it + STAB
X-Scissor: Decent power+ covers grass weakness


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Rather than having two STAB moves which is a little redundant on Crawdaunt, I'd use a boosting move like Swords Dance or Dragon Dance; I'd highly recommend the latter...unless of course he would be a part of a Trick Room Team. ;p