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I want to do a walkthrough of LeafGreen and upload it onto Youtube. I'm guessing there are better ways to do it than holding up a video camera and recording. So what will I need to have to do a walkthrough for LeafGreen on the DS?

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An easier alternative would be to use an emulator for one thing; you may want to consider that instead.

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First you need and emulator and a compatible rom. After you have those two things down you will need something to record the game with I reccomend fraps if your are willing to pay if not use hyper cam. Once that is over with follow the instructions on how to work everything or watch a walk through on how to. If you did everything correctly you will be playing and recording in no time. The next best thing would be to put your leafgreen in your DS, setting it to play on the top screen and record with a good camera. It could take a while to set that up and it might be uncomfortable but its the next best thing.

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I suggest you do this instead of actually record from a DS or Gameboy since the quality will be a lot higher.