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>Since STAB means:

  • Same
  • Type
  • Attack
  • Bonus

How does it work for Dual Typed Pokemon?

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They get the 50% type boost for moves of both of their types.

Example: Swampert gets STAB on both Earthquake and Waterfall.

Source: Experience.

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What will be the % boost if It wasn't a Dual Typed Pokeman?
Still 50%
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STAB means same type attack bonus as you mentioned.
STAB increases the base power of an attack by 50%
Let's say Lucario (Steel/Fighting) uses Bone Rush, it gets no STAB of course so the base power would stay at 25.
BUT if Lucario uses Metal Claw he will get 75 base power instead of 50.
So same rules apply. If a Machamp uses Rock Smash the base power will be 60. If a Lucario uses Rock Smash it will have 60 base power just like the Machamp.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Same-type_attack_bonus

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