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I want to evolve my Petilil into Liligant. Does anybody know where I can get one?


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There are only 2 locations where you find the Sun Stone-

Relic Castle, Nimbasa City- Serebii.net

Source- http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/sunstone.shtml

Or you can catch a Solrock holding the Sun Stone, there is only 5% chance of getting a Solrock holding the Sun Stone.

Shopping- Black City

Hope this helps =P

Did i at least help you balin1998?
Yes and no. He was first. I also tagged it as white so you didn't need Black City. Is it possible to even get Solrock in white? If you want to be the best answer then I'll change it.
Yes you can get solrock in pokemon white here--- Route 13, Giant Chasm
Ok. Thanks.
Glad i helped and balin1998 these are the ONLY ways to get a sun stone, just remember that.