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i need a sun stone to evolve my sunkern


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Sun Stones in SoulSilver

  • Camper Tanner (Route 13),
  • Bug-Catching Contest (First prize)
  • Volcano Path (Pokewalker)
  • Pokéathlon Dome, at the Athlete Shop on Sunday, Monday, & Friday for 3,000 Pts.

>The Athlete Shop, located at the far right counter, allows for the points earned from competing in Pokéathlons to be traded in for various items, with each item only available to be bought once per day.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Pokeathlon

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After you beat the Johto Leauge for the first time. You go on the ship to go to Kanto.
what pokemon did you use to defeat Morty of Ecruteak city
Don't remember. Have not played SS in forever
to bad i really need help its ok its not your fault

Check here to see his Pokemon and their moves and items.
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You can win one at the Bug Catching contest if you get first place.

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You can get a Sun Stone in the Bug Contest if you get a 1st place.


Route 13 with a PhoneCall to someone in there (Can't remember now)