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in HGSS you get a pikachu from surge by trading with him so will that start of the madusa method?

are you saying,will it be shiny
No. He is asking if the Raichu you get from Lt. Surge counts as a foreign Pokemon
since its from a different language, i'd say yes but im not sure
Masuda, not madusa

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>There are a few exceptions to this basic premise. If both Pokémon are foreign to the cartridge but are both from the same language, then the Masuda method will not take effect. Additionally, if the player tries to breed one of his or her own Pokémon with a foreign Pokémon obtained through an in-game trade (such as the Meister's Foppa and Lt. Surge's Volty), then the method will also fail.

>In this case, it is because the two Pokémon breeding were generated on the same game and therefore in the same language.

Source: Bulbapedia/ Masuda Method
So it will not work. Sorry INFERNAPEpro.

The Pokemon needs to be from a game cartridge of a different language.

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