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I have TONS of mushrooms and berries that I have no use for.Mushrooms say they are sought after be collector or whatever, but where is the collector?

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on route 5 there is a camper with a lady that will buy them, not much else to say.

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The lady will only buy Berries.....
oh, i thought she bought mushrooms as well, septer123 has it in his answer, which im sure you already knew.
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Berries can be held to remove Status Effect, or weaken Super-Effective Moves, or recover.
A Lady on Route 5 will buy Berries and Mushrooms.
Big Mushrooms can be sold at the Poke centre for $2500.
Tiny Mushrooms can be sold at the Poke centre for $150.

Hope this helps! XD

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On Route 5 then this girl will offer you money to give her the mushrooms, and to get rid of your berry problem the same woman buys berries too!

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