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Why does this appear on some traded pokemon's OT?

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It looks like this: ---------- (10 -'s") Like 700 poke i got from a trade had that. It is not Preowned

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Is it A Pre-Owned Game?
If It Is Pre-owned Than It Is Most Likely A Glitch
From Hacking, Because It Was Hacked BEFORE
You Got It.

If It Is A Glitch Don't Worry, It Don't Matter
All That Much


Hope I Helped U! :)

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not exactly lol XD
i have got 1,000,000s of pokemon with that OT and im positive there isn't a person named ----------
it isn't preowned and im positive it isn't hacked bacause the first pokemon i got via trade had ---------- as an OT and that was at the first day
weird, my traded Pokemon don't have that.
D:< well, i give up
got any other ideas?