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If you chose a move to forget and you choose the move you were going to use on the next turn as the "forgotten" move, would you still be able to use it on that turn?
Dragon Rush (currently using, waiting for next turn)
Draco Meteor
Hyper Voice

If you use Dragon Rush THEN forget it, will or can you use it on the next turn?


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>During an in-game Double Battle, after a move is issued, if that Pokémon levels up before its in-battle turn and replaces the move currently awaiting execution with a new move, the new move will be used instead of the old one. -Bulbepedia

For Single Battles, I reckon the same thing happens.

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You can forget a move by learning a new move by leveling up.
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No because you have forgotten it but you can use the new move immediately in the middle of battle.