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I'm wanting my aerodactyl to have the ability rock head because it prevents recoil damage and can use two recoil damaging moves (take down and double-edge). I would prefer rock head out of the other two abilities (pressure and unnerve) because pressure is pretty pointless all is does is increase the pp usage from 1 to 2 and unnerve is pointless because it doesn't let the foe eat berries because its too nervous, but most people including me don't use berries anyway instead use items such as leftovers etc. Anyway I was wondering first of all where to get the fossil from and second how to get it's ability rock head because I tried on my other game when I had it about 100 times and it still didn't have the rock head ability when I restored it and had pressure instead. So I would much appreciate it if someone told me any hints and where to get it cheers.


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It has a 50/50 chance of either preassure or rock head (Unerve is from dream world)
So in black and white you can go to the daily fossil man or you could breed the preivious areodactyls.
Otherwise you could migrate from previous gens or ask for one in chat.

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what is the daliy fossil man
it's the man in the lowest floor of twist mountain
In the room adjacent to the Icy Rock.