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The only thing i can think of is a fire orb on a pokemon w/ flashfire to power up fire moves. What are the purposes of the other orbs?

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Lots of stuff:

  • Flame Orb can activate Guts, Marvel Scale, Quick Feet, and Flare Boost.
  • Toxic Orb can activate Guts, Marvel Scale, Quick Feet, Poison Heal, and Toxic Boost.
  • Both Orbs can be put on a Pokemon with the ability Magic Guard and Tricking the item away.
  • They can be used to inflict useless status on yourself so you wouldn't get harmed by another. You can have a Flame Orb on a Magic Guard Pokemon, make it burn (and you wouldn't take damage) you, so your opponent can't cripple you as easily.
  • Facade powers up.
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Forgot Facade
My favorite thing to do is give the Flame Orb to my Cresselia who knows Psycho Shift and hand out free burns.