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I was just reading a walkthrough for hgss and saw the whole list of legendaries and wondered if it had more than emerald...


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Note: Event Pokemon are not included. They wouldn't make a difference anyways.

The only Pokemon you cannot get in HG/SS that were in Emerald were the Golems (Regice, Registeel, Regirock). So HG/SS had more.

HG/SS is your answer.

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HG/SS have 12 legendaries.
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Emerald has more legendaries.
Emerald has 10 legendaries and HG/SS has 6.

What are you counting as legendary because just the dog and bird pokemon in hgss is 6 and I know there are more than just those?
This answer is wrong, HG/SS have 12 legendaries, and emerald has 10.
Whoops, sorry. Instead i counted the legendarys IN THE REGION.
I wasnt using common sense. :/