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I was looking at http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Egg_cycles, and I noticed that certain Pokemon like Nidoqueen, Moltres, etc. have base egg cycles, even though they cannot be hatched from an egg. Why is this? I thought that it might be for people who use Action Replay to get Legendary eggs, but I'm not sure? Or is it just the way Game Freak made it?

Good question, I'm guessing because it's part of the Pokemons personality aspects plus you can hack legend eggs.
As you may have noticed, every Pokemon has egg cycles even though some can't hatch from them. That might be Game Freak just made it that way

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  1. It is there to keep the game from messing up. If you make an egg with an Arceus in it, how would you hatch it with no egg cycles?? It would be there forever, taking up space in your game.

  2. "...Please note that not all of these species can be legitimately hatched from an Egg,..." (Source: Bulbapedia/ Egg Cycles)

  3. They must've hatched from eggs sometime in the past.

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