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Hey I'm Pretty knew to this site but not pokemon so let me ask one question, WHAT OTHER POKEMON IN UNOVA CAN LEARN THE PLEDGE ATTACK BESIDES STARTER POKEMON?! I mean I know other pokemon can but I'm not sure if another pokemon can learn them Please Help!

My Team so far:
Swoobat Lvl 50 Attacks: Acrobatics,Psychic,Heart Stamp,Shadow Ball
Fraxure lvl 50 Attacks: Drangon Dance,Dragon Tail,Strength,Dragon Claw
Golurk lvl 50:Shadow Ball, Earth Quake,Buldoze,Shadow Punch
Siesmatoad lvl 50: Earth Quake, Round,Muddy Water, Surf
Scolipede lvl 53: Veno Shock, Poison Tail,Bug Bite,Protect
Serpirior lvl 55: Leaf Blade, Grass Pledge, Coil, Slam
(Sorry if i spelled any of them rong)


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Only Starter Pokemon and there evolutions can learn the pledges. Source: Experience, common knowledge, and Bulbapedia (Grass, Fire, and Water)

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That's actually what I meant.
Thanks That Helped ALOT. My little brothers have been bugging me about how there simisear or simisage cant learn any of the pledges.