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For GTS, think of Pokemon you want, and you can either offer or search. GTS usually isn't good though, as most people ask for things that are impossible except for hack, such as lvl 9 reshiram :(

Some are good, but not many...

As for battling, make a team and go! Some people cheat, however, and either hack or turn their game off once defeat is inevitable. So in all, I recommend PO or Showdown. HOpe I helped!!!

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yup. all is true, and i suggest GTS negotiations
I still don't know how to battle. I always go on Random Matchup and it always says "There was an error with your Pokemon, and they could not paticipate. Disconnecting..."
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First there's Random Matchup(if your playing Black/White) which is the first option you can choose on the lady at the far right. In Random Matchup, you choose 3 Pokemon that can't be most powerful legendaries and eggs. You can play Single Battle, Double Battle, Triple Battle, Rotation Battle, or Launcher Battle modes. No 2 Pokemon can hold the same item though. Then there's the Global Trade Station, where you can trade with people around the world, and seek or deposit Pokemon you want/offer, but most deals are rip offs, they ask for Pokemon impossible to get like level 9 and under legendaries, especially Zekrom and Reshiram etc. You can also do GTS Negotiations, where you are matched with someone and show all your Pokemon until you make a deal. Hope I helped!

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Actually, I have not done those yet but I also wanted to know so I try to search for the sites.

I saw a video from youtube showing how to trade.(though the name of Seaking is nasty)

For the battle, I just saw a word description without illustration. It's here.

And this one is official GTS site. You can see a lot of stuffs except "How to"(I tried to search is but I can't find anywhere)

This site is just for extra. 2 people discussing about trading cheated pokemons over GTS and battle with them.

Hope this met your expectation..