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Im playing Heart Gold, and I am trying to get Raikou and Entei. The first time i saw them i tried to quick ball them. I got it down to three nudges both times, but they got out and fled. Later I got them to low health, but them to sleep, and they fled, so i ran into Entei again and tried to use a quick ball with low health and sleep. It broke out without even a nudge. This happened multiple times. Does this mean that it counts as an ongoing battle? Is that why my quick balls won't work? This happened with Thundurus too in white.

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The only thing for you to do here is to either keep throwing quick balls, or use a move like mean look on it. You could also use a pokemon with the ability arena trap or shadow tag as well. Don't worry, you will catch it, just keep trying!

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the best pokemon to catch a fleeing legendary is gallade but you have to breed a haunter with a gardevoir to get a male ralts,then the gallade will learn mean look,you can teach him false swipe,and there. (you will need lots of pokeballs)
i did that
Why not dugtrio, it's certainly easier to get
Im using a crobat with a breaded hypnosis from a hoothoot and mean look
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Catch a Bronzong and learn it block

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