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The Ice/Ground typing, which is held by the Mamoswine family, hit the most Pokemon for Super Effective hits of typings that are currently available among Pokemon, hitting a total of 342 Pokemon for Super Effective damage.

Reshiram is able to hit the most Pokemon unresisted with its STAB typing however.

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Wait what about reshiram?
What do you mean "Wait, what about Reshiram?" Reshiram is only resisted by one Pokemon, Heatran. Because your question was pretty poorly written, I could only guess at what you were asking, meaning I included Reshiram's being the most unresisted STAB combo that can be held by a Pokemon.
By the way, A Ghost-Fighting Movelist combo can have perfect coverange, inflecting either Super-effective or normal Damage on any PKMN. eg. Dusknoir: Shadow Punch, Brick brick, ???, ???.
To bad reshiram is uber