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i have heard thet if you want to breed a genderless pokemon you need a ditto. dose that mean i can make a zekrom egg?


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Legendaries cannot breed. The only ones that can breed are Manaphy and Phione.
This is because legendaries fall in the undiscovered Egg group, where not even with Ditto can Pokemon breed.
Undiscovered Egg Group

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Phione can't breed....can it?
Yes it can
Manaphy *and* Phione. Weird, huh?
oh ok tnx
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no, beacuse the legendaries in the anime can't lay eggs.

"in the anime"

He never mentioned Anime...
That doesn't necessarily mean they can't, even though it is true. Anime cannot prove or disprove anything about the video games.
but his answer is still right, legends cant breed.
(besides manaphy)
Actually, Legendaries in the anime can breed. We saw this with Lugia in the Whirl Island arc (or whatever that arc is called).
So this is wrong..?
they are in the "undiscovered" egg group so they probably can breed with a pokemon that hasn't been discovered yet