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finally got A-Z what do i do to get them? Another Puzzle?


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You need to activate all 4 puzzles.
>To unlock all 26 alphabetic forms, all four slide puzzles must be activated. -Bulbepedia

That's for the 26 letters. Now for ! and ?
>Once the first seven pages of the report are complete and the 26 alphabetic Unown forms have been caught, the entrance room of the ruins will have a gold plate that reads "Our friends look up and heartily congratulate us". Reading the plate causes one of the researchers to speak to the player, after which the ! and ? forms can be encountered in the entrance room. -Bulbepedia

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BLORG i see no golden plate
That seems less like a BLORG moment and more like a " derp " moment.
Did you complete that first seven pages of the report?
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After you have caught all 26 unknown go to the biggest building in the ruins there will be a yellow sign there press ît and a guy will talk to you. After that, go in there again do not go down the ladder run around and a "!" or "?" unknown will appear both lv5
~ Riles

Credit to Riles!

You mean the yellow where you do the ho-oh puzzle? OK then
i don't know what "the biggest building" is