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I caught a Pinsir, and lost to a Cascoon
I caught a Scyther, and lost to a Nincada
And this one really annoys me, I caught a Pinsir, and I lost to a Weedle. Yep, Weedle.
This is still for my never ending quest for a shiny stone. But I can't win. Why? I catch strong Pokemon, and I lose to Weedles and Beedrils. Is it impossible to win?

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This is probably because you damaged the Pinsir and the Scyther. You score higher if the Pokemon you catch has full HP. Other factors are lvl, IVs, lvl in comparison to max lvl that can be caught, and rarity factor Pinsir and Sycther being the highest.


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So if I caught a Weedle with full health, would I stand a chance of winning?
If it had high IVs and was Max level possible.