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Yep! in heart gold/ soul silver. You use the one from Dragon's den to breed more dratini with extremespeed.


Just my luck. Can you give me the order to answer the questions for when and if my sister or brother starts over their SS?
They're pretty obvious questions, I have the questions from  the original gold and silver, but I can't remember if they changed them. If they did, they're pretty easy to figure out. if there is an * next to an answer, don't choose that one, or you won't get the dratini you want.

1. What are your Pokémon to you?

# Pal
# Underling *
# Friend

2. What helps you to win battles?

# Strategy
# Raising
# Cheating *

3. What kind of trainers do you wish to battle?"

# Weak Person *
# Tough Person *
# Anybody

4. What is the most important thing for raising Pokémon?

# Love
# Violence *
# Knowledge

5. Strong Pokémon, Weak Pokémon. Which is More Important?
# Tough *
# Both
# Weak *
Augh!! I answered tough people because I thought that is what was looked for!!