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I want make my sceptile shiny.where can I find a shiny stone in pokemon sapphire?what are the advantages of a shiny pokemon.


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1.) You cannot MAKE a Pokemon shiny. The only way to get a Pokemon that is shiny is to capture one in the wild, which is still a very slim chance of happening.

2.) Shiny Pokemon are no different than any other Pokemon regarding stats. The only way a Shiny Pokemon might be different is if it is an event Pokemon and even then, I'm not sure how they would be different.

3.) The Shiny Stone does not make a Pokemon Shiny, as Ultimate DarkraiFan stated, otherwise there would be n00bs everywhere imaginable saying "OMGZ, GIVES M3Z A SHNYZ STN!!!1!"

4.) Shiny Stones were not brought in until Diamond/Pearl/Platinum and are used to evolve certain Pokemon.

Yes, I know this question is several months old, but there was so much that needed to be answered here, it bugged me to no end.

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Shiny pokemons have no advantages its just they are rare they don't have increased stat or anything
and I don't think you can get shiny stone in sapphire. beacuse shiney stone are created in pokemon diamond and pearl

I heard that shiny pokemon stats are slightly higher. only slightly.
+, shiny stone no make pokemon shiny
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Shiny stones do NOT make a pokemon shiny. A shiny pokemon is a pokemon that is not it's normal colour, they also very rare. The only shiny pokemon I have seen while playing was latios, as it was green instead of blue.