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I want to use dig to find rare things like fossils but after teaching it to a pokemon and going to sand route iam still unable to use dig? why please help? I have owned five badges
1 rustbord city
2 dewford city
3 mauville city
4 lavaridge city
5 petalburg city

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You can't use dig to find fossils. When used in the overworld, dig is like an escape rope, you can use it to leave a cave instantly. To dig underground, you need the explorer kit, which is found in Eterna city.

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If you are in a cave with the pokemon you have taught dig to, go on the pokemon screen, click on the pokemon and it should come up with dig click on it, it gets you out of caves but not find fossils

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Dig is a TM right?

so you cant use it out of battles.

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It can be used out of battle. You can use it like an escape rope if you're in a cave.
i used dig outside a battle sorry but u r wong