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How dose hyper beam work if slaking uses it.Dose it wait one turn like it would any way because of its ability or dose it wait 3 turns.2 ability 1 hyper beam rest.


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>If a Pokémon with Truant uses a move such as Hyper Beam, which recharges after use, then Truant will take effect during the turn that would normally be used recharging; however, the Pokémon still cannot switch out -Bulbapedia

So Slaking would use Hyper Beam, and then Traunt would take affect while it's recharging, but you can't switch.

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I would suggest Giga impact over hyper beam though
yep, true. go with Giga Impact, Dragonuser.
its for pokemon emerald were hyper beam in pyshical and giga impact didnt exist