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A heatran with flash fire gets hit with a fire move?

Sorry, I didn't read enough, just fire move and does it pop so my answer was wrong.
Which is why it got hidden.

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Battle between [Mew] and Alagala Shroom started!
Rule: Unrated
Rule: Sleep Clause
Rule: Freeze Clause
Rule: Species Clause
Rule: Wifi Battle
Rule: Self-KO Clause
Your team: Scizor / Rotom-W / Heatran / Celebi / Ambipom / Gengar
Opponent's team: Linoone / Magmar / Mawile / Seadra / Golurk / Murkrow
[Mew] sent out Heatran!
Alagala Shroom sent out Magmar!
Heatran is floating on a balloon!
Alagala Shroom: Ready, set, lez go.
Start of turn 1
The foe's Magmar used Fire Blast!
Heatran's Flash Fire raised the power of its Fire-type moves!
Heatran used Stealth Rock!
Pointed stones float in the air around Alagala Shroom's team!

The Air Balloon didn't pop. So no.
Credit to JCM.

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The move has to do damage, not including status damage. So no.

Source: Personal experience.