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I should probably mention i have only a ds lite, since that might factor into this. I've read all about it but I still don't understand. how do you global trade, access the dreamworld, and what kind of wi-fi connection do you need. Please help! I would very much appreciate it!

If you have a Mac computer or laptop I could help you with it.
I have a toshiba, does that make a difference? I was looking for an other language ditto so i could try to breed shinys, and i wondered how you tell people what you want(Note: I have not successfully connected to wifi so I don't know. Where I live you can't get wifi, so I rely on the library and various stores which I don't go very often)

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The Global Trade Center is at the top of every Pokemon Center. It is the person on the right and you can trade pokemon with other people.You can visit the Dream World as soon as you get your C-Gear from Fennel. The C-Gear's Game Sync allows you to tuck in a pokémon in a bed. After a while, the pokémon will start dreaming, and you will be able to go to the Pokémon Global Link web site, sign up for a trainer ID and log on, then explore the Dream World with your pokémon.

You can only visit the Dream World for an hour, after which you will be required to wake up your pokémon if you have not done so. You will not be able to visit the Dream World again until 24 hours have passed since your last visit.

You need a wireless internet connection which is compatible to the nintendo wifi connection.


Thank you very much for that, makes it a lot easier. But I still wondered, do you have to have a 3ds to do this? I read somewhere that you can't global trade with a ds lite
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You will also need an internet connection that is WEP Secured for the ds lite. It will not work with a WPA secured. A dsi will work for both WEP and WPA though.

Thank you so much! that helps a lot. Sorry to be a pain but I did have 1 more question, how can you tell if the wifi is WEP secured?