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What is the points of Cherrim transforming into its sun mode?
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There is no advantage.

Cherrim, the only Pokémon to have this Ability, also changes forms in sunlight, from a closed flower to one with spread petals; however, this is not caused by Flower Gift.

The only reason to put Cherrim in the Sun (or your team at all), is it's ability.

It's ability, Flower Gift activates which increases the Attack and Special Defense of your teammates.

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" Powers up party Pokémon when it is sunny. " And it looks freaking cute. <3

By how much is it significant?
it is 50%. but i'm he only one that specified that.
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When Cherrim is in the sun, two things happen:

  1. Cherrim changes into sun form
  2. It's ability Flower Gift activates, boosting Cherrim's (and allies in double battles) Attack and Special Defense by 50%.