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In PKMN Ranger Guardian Signs Booker says that you must find the 6 pichus from dolce island. I have found the 1st pichu in Silver falls, the 2nd pichu near bookers house,
the 3rd in faldera volcano, the 4th pichu in the dangerous cliff and the 5th pichu on the bridge near wireless tower. where is the last one ?

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Here are the locations for all the Pichu:

  • Pichu #1 - Hidden outside Booker's House. Find by using Roar
  • Pichu #2 - Meets you when you cross the bridge leading to the Wireless Tower
  • Pichu #3 - In a tree in Teakwood Forest just outside the exit of Rasp Cavern. Needs Slam * 1
  • Pichu #4 - Clinging to a cliffface at the end of Dangerous Cliff
    The next two require you to go to the Aqua Resort where you'll see them flying off while riding Staravia
  • Pichu #5 - Falls from the sky in Silver Falls
  • Pichu #6 - Fly from Hauldera Volcano and you'll encounter it and automatically land.


Looks like your Pichu is the 3rd one. It's in a tree in Teakwood Forest outside the exit of Rasp Cavern Note: It needs Slam.

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ok, thanks :D