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I need 3 more pokemon to complete the browser in PKMN Ranger guardian signs.
the pokemon that are missing are the following numbers
1) R-150 (probably dusknoir)
2) R-153 (maybe togepi)
3) R-297 (No idea)
Any idea who those pokemon may be and where are they ?

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R-150 is dusknoir and can be found in the noir forest he appears by catching all the dusklops
R-153 is togepi and is found by Roar at the exit area of the daybreak ruins ( where probopass hangs out)
R-297 is Phione which can be found by going to the underwater section of the canal ruins, and at the VERY start going to the west current and phione will be there

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Thanks ! :D Now thanks to you i've completed the game.Thanks !
You're welcome.