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I walked in tall grass and encountered a Pokemon called "-----". It says it is Lv0 and 0 HP. But its weird and impossible to find its real :/ Can someone help me tell what ----- actually is? I mean, how could a Pokemon be Lv0 and 0 HP when someone encountered it?

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How does it look like?

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Congrats, you just encountered a Glitch Pokemon.

Read up on it here: Bulbapedia/ -----

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I encounted one of them yesterday
That's cøOl!!!
That glitch actually sounds kinda cool...I have Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl, so I wonder if it will happen to me...
But once you captured it, It can never be released so ----- will always be stuck in your party forever once you have it.
That`s why I deleted the whole Game`s files