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If yes, would you be so kind as to tell me what it is?

Long story short: Because Game Freak is, well, freaky.

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Unfortunately no, there aren't any natures that raise / lower HP. The problem is not in the conception of those extra natures (including matches with, say, +Atk - HP), but rather the coding of the game.
For those or you who know what PIDs are, you'll be able to understand this. PIDs are generated for a Pokemon upon meeting them (or an egg being laid), based on random numbers, and contain the information on their natures, genders, abilities, and other unique aspects (Spinda's spots, Unown form, etc.). However, the data necessary to determine the nature is limited to 25 possible spots, to keep each nature able to show up with an equal chance (25 / 100 = 4% probability for a nature to show up). If Game Freak were to add more natures, they would have to come out with 25 new natures to make it an even 50 (50 / 100 = 2% probability) to give each nature an equal possibility to show up.

Again, if Game Freak were to add natures for HP +/-, they'd need to think of more natures that skew the stats in other ways (HP+ only, HP-andAtk-, etc.), but the numbers would be bad:

5 stats+ x 5 stats- = 25 natures, 5 of which are neutral (DIVISIBLE INTO 100)

Adding HP to current standards:
6 stats+ x 6 stats- = 36 natures, 6 of which are neutral
Considering single boost/decrease stats:
6 stats+ + 6 stats- = 12 natures, each one affecting only one stat (e.g., HP+ = Strong nature)
Total of above: 48 natures; 2 natures remaining for an even 50.

Considering double boosts / double decreases with current natures:
5 stats x 5 stats x 2 directions (boost/decrease) = 50, 10 of which doubly affect a stat, 20 of which are neutral (10 outcomes, each repeated twice => UNEVEN PROBABILITY)
Adding HP to double boosts / double decreases:
6 stats x 6 stats x 2 directions (boost/decrease) = 72, 12 of which doubly affect a stat

Hence, 25 natures was the best they could do for now.
Sorry for the long answer, but I'm sure somebody out there knows what I'm talking about.

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What do you mean?
@ Keldeo Infusion:
Basically, they need a certain number of natures that easily divides into 100 (like 25, since 100 / 25 = 4.00); otherwise they would have to entirely restructure the way that wild Pokémon "randomly" obtain their stats, natures, abilities, gender, etc. With only 5 stats affected by Natures (5 x 5 = 25), adding HP as an affected stat (6 x 6 = 36, 100 / 36 = 2.7777...) would mess up the probabilities of getting each Nature "fairly" (= the same amount of time as all other natures).
Ouch,you`re making my brain hurt.
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HP is not technically a stat,so none of the natures increase it.Also,game freak would have to think of more natures,would you do this?

Although they could make Hardy, Serious, etc raise HP and make all Natures Make one grow +2, one +1, and one -2. not that they would want to. but they could