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Which move is the most strong move? But to don't hurt,kill,etc the user.

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Here are some powerful moves with no bad effect:

Eruption/Water Spout: Base power 150

Gyro Ball can have a base power max of 150.

Trump Card can have a max base power of 200.

Magnitude can have a base power of 150.

Punishment can have base power up to 200!

Reversal/Flail can have base power up to 200 also!

Spit Up can have base power up to 300!

These are some of the most powerful moves in the game, although to use them correctly you must know a bit about how they do damage.

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Trump card could be powerfull if it's PP is 1. Roar of Time and Draco Meteor are powerfull too... same as Overheat and Leafstorm! Just see at this site at the move section!

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Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Roar of Time, Rock Wrecker (power 150 / 5 PP / accuracy 90)

Water Spout, Eruption (power 150 decreases with lower HP / 5 PP / accuarcy 100)

Head Smash (power 150 / 5 PP / accuracy 80 / recoil)

Trump Card with 1 PP (power 200 / 5 PP / no accuracy)

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Hey I say to don't hurt,kill,etc the user because after frenzy plant,giga impact and hyper beam you cant move so its having an risk I say without one!!
It DOESN´T hurt, nor kill
He/she doesn't want any negative effects.