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On Route 9, there's a mall called Shopping Mall Nine. On the first floor, there is a door near the back with boxes and a janitor. Interact with the boxes with Rotom in your party to change its form. If you choose the Freezer, it will be Rotom-F. If you choose the Lawn Mower, it will be Rotom-C. If you choose the Washing Machine, it will be Rotom-W. If you choose the Oven, it will be Rotom-H. If you choose the Fan, it will be Rotom-S.

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Go to the Shopping Mall on Route Nine. Inside, on the ground floor, I belive, is a door. When you go through it, it takes you to a sort of storage room with a man in it. The boxes on the floor contain a lawnmower, a microwave, etc. Press A in front of one to change Rotom's form.

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