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I don't understand Little Cup rules. I thought that the participating Poke'mon was not allowed to know moves that it could learn by leveling up, but in an an answer to a previous question for a Little Cup Moveset for Ponyta(I'll add the link if I find it), the answer suggested either Flame Wheel or Fire Blast! Doesn't Ponyta learn those moves by leveling up? Did I not understand the Little Cup rules?

EDIT: Sorry, it was actually Flare Blitz, bu I'm pretty sure Ponyta learns that by leveling up, too. Here is the link. http://Pokemondb.net/pokebase/94619/what-is-a-good-lc-moveset-for-ponyta

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>There are a couple of ways:


>- If both parents know a Level Up move of the baby Pokemon, it will know it as well. If 2 Torterras both have Leaf Storm and breed, the baby Turtwig will know Leaf Storm.

>Egg Moves.

>- If the male breeding has an Egg move that the baby can learn, then the baby will know it. If a male Hitmonchan with Ice Punch breeds with a female Lopunny, Buneary will know Ice Punch.


>- If you have TM26 Earthquake, and you have a Level 5 Geodude, it can learn Earthquake. Simple stuff.

>Move Tutors.

>- If a Pokemon is eligible to learn an tutor move, it will learn it, regardless of level, when the move tutor is paid. Buneary can learn ThunderPunch at Level 1 from a Move Tutor.


Your situation is at number one.You can pass down Level up moves. If a Male and Female Rapidash know Flare Blitz, then the baby Ponyta will learn it because it gets passed down.

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No, I mean aren't level up moves against the rules of LC?
No. They're fine. Since they can be passed down, and the baby Pokemon knows them at Level 1, it works.
Oh. So I didn't understand the rules.
I guess so. But Level Up moves of Genderless Pokemon are banned unless it can learn it another method.