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(opinion question) ( BTW Where do I find kyurem and reshiram?)

Cant say who's answer is better there both the answer I was looking for THANKS, and because of that you both get a vote :D
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Ok so thanks to devil I've caught Reshiram, Kyurem, Uxie and Azelf MY FRIEND IS COMING OVER IN 15 MINUTES HE GONNA BE SOOOOO JEALOUES

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Cave of Being

Go there and talk to Professor Juniper. Then walk a little deeper into the cave, and let Azelf, Mesprit, & Uxie come out. They will then scatter to 3 different locations: .

Azelf - Route 23
Mesprit - Top of Celestial Tower
Uxie - Outside Nacrene Museum

N's Castle

Go to Victory Road and find Zoroark. Follow it to the ruins of N's Castle. You will battle N. When you win, you will get Zekrom/ Reshiram in Dark/ Light Stone version. Take the Stone to the top of Dragonspiral Tower, and Zekrom/ Reshiram will come back to life. Catch it.


After catching Zekrom/ Reshiram, go to the Giant Chasm and find Kyurem. After you catch it (not kill it), it will drop the DNA Splicers which allow you to fuse Kyurem with Zekrom/ Reshiram.


Go to Route 18 (which was unavailable pre-Elite 4), and find the Magma Stone. After getting it, take it to Reversal Mountain, and you can catch Heatran.


Find the Lunar Wing on the top floor (2nd floor) of the Strange House in Lentimas Town. Then go to Marvelous Bridge, and catch Cresselia.

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Complete the Unova pokedex, you don't have to catch them all then show it to professor Juniper she'll  give you a permit which allows Skyla to take you to an island. To go there, go to Mistralton City's' Airport and Skyla will take you there. A shiny Haxorus will be waiting for you deep in the forest.

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Capture all the legendaries,Ev train for Wi-fi battles,trade,use poke transfer....
You find Kyurem where you find it in B/W, the Giant Chasm.
Reshiram you will find it after you beat N in Victory Road in his castle after defeating the Elite 4 the first time.You need to follow N's Zoroak that is in the Victory road.
Hope that I help.