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What are the pros and cons for all of them so I know which ONE I should ask for christmas
P.s I already have white

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Well, I know some for all of them. :)=Good :(=Bad

Black 2:
Has legendaries
reshiram,Zekrom,kyurem,and landorus.:)
Has 649 diffrent Pokemon to catch instead of 493 in the other two games. :)
Can get 3 masterballs instead of 1.:)
Has the generation 5 upgrades:)
Has fun things to do like Join Avenue or Pokemon World Tournament or black tower or even poke'star studios.:)
Can not trade certain forms of certain Pokemon to Black or White.:(

Soul Silver:
Has Legendaries
Latias, and Lugia.:)
Has places to explore like the Ruins Of Alf,Mt.Silver,Mt.Moon,Dragon's Den, and the the one and only Whirl Islands.:)
Can battle special trainers like Red,Blue or Brock.:)
Has a total of 16 gym leaders instead of 8 in the other 2.:)
Can't trade or battle outside of any poke'center.:(
Has the pokewalker ability avalible.:)

Has Legendaries
Azelf,Mesprit,Uxie,Dialga,Palkia,Regigagas,Heatran,Giratina, and Cresellia.:)
Has 2 roaming legendary Pokemon.:(
Has a total of 493 Pokemon to catch instead of 649.:(
Has the mansion where you can catch rare Pokemon.:)

Well that's about it. If the good things are +1 in points and the -1 these are the following points for each game:
Black 2:+4
Soul Silver:+4
So,personally it's a tie between B 2 and SS.Personally, I like B 2 beacause it can entertain you for a long time.

My answer:Pokemon Black Version 2

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Well I don't have soul-silver but I love black2, and it is the best Pokemon game I have ever played personally. Soo, obviously I would recommend black v2.

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