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me too
Is this on Internet Explorer? It's working OK for me at the moment but I'll check into it.
It's happening to me too, and yes I have IE.
And is it happening on every question? It happened to me on the Smeargle tourney thread because the images wouldn't load. But most questions are fine.
its happening to me with safari. RHYME <3
eerrrmmm, could you pleade replace those words?
^ What do you mean?

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I am fairly sure this is due to Pokecheck being down.

Feel free to edit the questions/answers to use our sprites from here instead.

No, I mean the ability to edit in pictures is gone.
There is no little bar that has "bold" "italics" or "quote" whenever I edit a question/answer.
Same here
Yeah I think the missing bar was due to Pokecheck being down, which meant pages weren't loading properly (because the editor seems to load after the images).

Are you still having the same problem?
Not anymore.