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Every time I try to answer something the best I can, it gets down voted. How do I delete answers so I don't get any down votes. I really like it here, but I feel unwanted.

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You can't delete your answers, but you can hide them. Hiding your post makes it so that only you and staff can see it. When a post is hidden, it cannot be down-voted by anybody.

I understand how you are feeling. Know that if your post gets down-voted, it does not mean that it was unwanted or that you are unwanted in this community. Down-votes are simply signals that other people think your post has inaccurate/ incomplete info or wasn't written very well. It isn't meant to be a personal attack, but it might feel that way.

You can limit the down-votes you get by making doubly sure that your answer is correct, through research and your own experience. Make sure that your answer completely resolves the question too. If you're not sure, then you might want to leave the question for somebody else who is an expert on the topic it's asking about.

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To add to this, I’ve noticed that some of your answers have been on old questions that were already resolved. This isn’t against the rules, but we don’t encourage it unless you’re adding new and relevant information. Make sure you read the answers that are already there so that you know you’re not just repeating them.
That being said, if you see an old answer that you know is wrong, and nobody’s pointed it out, feel free to correct it. Old questions still get traffic, so we appreciate keeping them updated.
Alright. I answer in case someone new to pokemon comes along and doesn't know.  There aren't much unanswered questions that aren't complicated...