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Anyways here is my team:

Mini-Politoed SpritPolitoed SpritPolitoed Back Sprit @ Choice Specs Sprit
Politoed (M) | Choice Specs
Drizzle | Modest (+SpAtk -Atk)
252 HP | 252 SpAtk | 4 SpDef
Hydro Pump | Psychic
Focus Blast | Ice Beam

Mini-Ferrothorn SpritFerrothorn SpritFerrothorn Back Sprit @ Rocky Helmet Sprit
Ferrothorn (F) | Rocky Helmet
Iron Barbs | Careful (+SpDef -SpAtk)
252 HP | 4 Atk | 252 SpDef
Stealth Rock | Power Whip
Thunder Wave | Earthquake

Mini-Jirachi SpritJirachi SpritJirachi Back Sprit @ Leftovers Sprit
Shooting Jirachi
Jirachi (X) | Leftovers
Serene Grace | Docile (+X -X)
252 HP | 4 SpAtk | 252 Spd
Thunder | Iron Head
Wish | Water Pulse

Mini-Vaporeon SpritVaporeon SpritVaporeon Back Sprit @ Leftovers Sprit
Cat or Fish?
Vaporeon (F) | Leftovers
Hydration | Modest (+SpAtk -Atk)
252 HP | 252 SpAtk | 4 SpDef
Scald | Ice Beam
Rest | Hidden Power (Grass)

Mini-Scizor SpritScizor SpritScizor Back Sprit @ Life Orb Sprit
Iron Man
Scizor (M) | Life Orb
Technician | Adamant (+Atk -SpAtk)
252 Atk | 252 Spd | 4 Def
Bullet Punch | Brick Break
Swords Dance | Bug Bite

Mini-Starmie SpritStarmie SpritStarmie Back Sprit @ Life Orb Sprit
Always Spinning
Starmie (X) | Life Orb
Natural Cure | Timid (+Spd -Atk)
252 SpAtk | 252 Spd | 4 HP
Hydro Pump | Thunder
Ice Beam | Rapid Spin

OK. Here is the descriptions.

My little Politoed. Everyone says I need a defensive Politoed to win a weather war and bla bla bla bla bla bla... Graur! I've tried to use. It's horrible. After I tried to use Specs for offensive. Still little bad but better than "defensive Politoed". Saved me many times. OK. 252 HP EVs gives me a little of bulk. Allows me being hitted by some move. 252 SpAtk and Nature with Specs is just OHKO or 2HKO everything. Hydro Pump hits everything hard dealing a holy damage on everything. Psychic is just for... Maybe coverage. I've never used yet. Anyways, still better than Hidden Power. Focus Blast OHKO Ferrothorn. My only way to beat Ferrothorn without taking a holy damage by Iron Barbs and sometimes Rocky Helmet.

Ferrothorn is maybe a mixed wall or something like that. Rocky Helmet and Iron Barbs deals a huge amount of damage in physical attackers making them dislike attacking her. EVs gives me max SpDef for defending any special attack. Stealth Rock is my only hazard. Power Whip gains STAB and deals damage. Thunder Wave is not much useful for her but helps alot the rest of my team. Mostly the Jirachi. Earthquake allows me to hit at least with neutral damage in other Ferrothorns. I dislike taking dat damage by Iron Barbs and sometimes Rocky Helmet.

Jirachi is one of my best weapons of my team. Leftovers is a good item in Jirachi because paralyz + confusion + finching gives me a lot of turns. Serene Grace allows Thunder get 60% chance to paralyz and dealing a huge amount of damage. Iron Head combined with paralyzed pokemon is a good way to get many extra turns. Wish gives me recovering for herself and the rest of the team. Water Pulse have a decent 40% chance to confude the oponent helping the paraflinch. Paralyz = 25% chance to extra turn. Confusion = 50% chance to extra turn. I have always the Iron Head to complement this(with 60% chance of flinching).

My cute but not cute Vaporeon... Leftovers gives me constant recovery helping she survive a little longer. Mainly for healing off the hazard damage. Modest nature (+SpAtk -Atk) with 252 SpAtk EVs gives to Vaporeon a way to deal a huge amount of damage. Continuing, 252 HP EVs gives to her 464 HP which is really good. Scald. I don't really like this move(I prefer Hydro Pump or Surf) but this is needed for Vaporeon. Despite her have a nice amount of HP, the defense are poor. Only 156 Def is not much good. Scald helps cripple many physical attackers giving more bulk at physical defense. Ice Beam can take Dragon- and Grass-types while Hidden Power (Grass) can take Grastrodons that happily absor the dual STABbed Scald. Rest allows she recover the HP.

My physical sweeper: Scizor. Adamant nature (+Atk -SpAtk), 252 Atk EVs, and after a Swords Dance boost, he reaches a wooping 992.8 attack. He have also the Technician, and the Life Orb to boost its attack and OHKO almost everything. No one already resisted 3 hits from him. Brick Break is prefered over Superpower because dual screens is simply a bad thing to face against and I don't like the attack loss of Superpower, that simply crushes the Scizor.

My rapid spinner: Starmie. Always a good sweeper in my team and can also use Rapid Spin to blow away the hazards. Life Orb adds a good power to my moves despite this being very awful if I'm using Rapid Spin and take 10% damage recoil. Natural Cure allows she escape from bad poisons that destroys her. Nature and EVs gives to her a good things to clear many oponent pokemons. Hydro Pump is a wooping dual STABbed move that OHKO or 2HKO everything. Okay, 3HKO on some other pokemons. Thunder never miss in rain taking any Water-types with ease. Ice Beam takes Dragon- and Grass-types mostly and taking also Gliscors. Rapid Spin blows away the hazard easing changing pokemons at any time. But is really awful take 10% damage while using Rapid Spin(I've already said this?).

Done!! My team finishes here. Please rate it and vote 0~10(0 = Bad; 10 = Good).
Just to finish this is an epic gif:

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lol cant handle my swag pic is awesome xD
any suggestions? lol how poorful :B
10! it is a very good rain team! I will use this to but give ferrothorn a sitrus berry.

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